Just what it sounds like: this film consists of the longest tube rides at an unnamed break in Mexico where the recent WCT event was held, Cory Lopez gets a 28 second barrel! The soundtrack isn't that great at all but the waves are pretty much machine-made....A'ron
Passion Pop
  Mostly consisting of Billabong's Ozzie amateur team, this movie has some ridiculous surfing from a variety of amazing up & coming surfers. Taj and Andy have sick parts but Wayne Goodall is NUTS!....after watching his part you know why they call it "Passion Pop"!
  Slater! Slater! Slater!....what more can I say?....I really don't see how you can judge a contest where everyone is blowing up......this dvd is all this year's Lowers WCT Contest....Kelly is ripping harder than anyone else and it really shows why he's won 7 world titles!....A'ron