the helio sequence
  "Love and Distance"- Well, I guess I'm only reviewing good CDs. No one wants to hear if it sucks, right? Well, this one is really good ( even if the vocals are pushed to the front of the mix, unlike their older stuff- this is not inherently bad). Creative,unexpected electronic pop fills this disc, sounding like a groovier Postal Service with strong guitar hooks. That's the best way that I can explain it. "Let It Fall Apart" is probably the best song, and it gets stuck in your head like no other. It sounds like watching hot girls jumping into multicolored pools of beach balls while you're on acid. There are a few songs that aren't so good, but what's here is definitely worth a listen. The last song " Looks Good( But You Looked Away)" is one of the best ending songs I've ever heard.CJM
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
  Ted Leo & The Pharmacists' latest record rocks, pure and simple. The disc explodes off the start with "Me And Mia," which has to be one of the year's best songs (next to The Walkmen's "The Rat") and makes the CD worth buying by itself. What's different from The Walkmen's record is that the rest of this one doesn't lose the energy set by their best song. Nearly flawless high-energy rock-pop that manages to avoid the mainstream sound that so many bands get sucked into. Gets you extremely pumped up before a surf or skate session. Fans of The Walkmen, The Strokes, or really any good music, take notice: this one is a must-buy. Reviewed by CJM
Friday Night Lights
  Wow, a football movie soundtrack review on a surf website? What the hell? Seriously, though, it's not what you might expect. When I found out that one of my favorite bands, Explosions In The Sky, did the original score for this movie, I couldn't believe it. But it's true, and it's awesome. Their music has always sounded like a soundtrack to a beautiful film that didn't exist yet- it was only a matter of time before Jeffrey T. Producer caught on to this fact. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I hope it doesn't suck, for EITS's sake. The band's sound on this record is a bit different than their previous work in that it's less about building up to a thunderous crescendo and more about exploring the quiet, drawn-out melodies that have made the band stand out from post-rock colleagues Mogwai and Kinski. The record also includes some re-workings of the last song from their excellent "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place." Buy this now- it has nothing to do with football (sorry, Kyle). Reviewed by CJM